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Home FAQ

Demo Plus, Inc. was established in 1994 by Mel Strang. Much of the initial work involved demolition of incinerators and refractory work in large process and heating boilers. Throughout the years, Demo Plus has moved onto jobs of greater scale and difficulty. This has lead to Demo Plus, Inc. having two bases of operation - one in Blaine, MN and the second in Sauk Rapids, MN.

Q - What is your general area of operation?

:: We typically stay within the five state area (MN, WI, SD, ND, and IA) but will travel farther if desired.

Are you able to finish work under a restricted schedule?

:: Yes, as long as we are given adequate notice. Our objective is to have you back online as soon as possible.

Q - What refractory applications are you capable of doing?

:: We generally cast, ram, pump, and gun refractory. Although, if other applications are needed we often can arrange for your needs.

Q - What are the best hours to contact Demo Plus?

:: Your calls are best accepted between 7am-5pm. Regardless of the time, all calls are sent to mobile phones, so you can expect a quick response. We encourage leaving a message with a brief summary and call back information.

Q - Do you charge to provide an evaluation?

:: No, you are not charged. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and if need, Demo Plus would provide a proposal in a timely manner.

If you have any further questions or concerns that are not listed above, please contact us.