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Industrial Services & Plant Maintenance

At Demo Plus Refractory, we take pride in offering more than just our expertise in Refractory and Mechanical Insulation. We understand that plant maintenance can require a range of services, which is why we also offer Scaffolding, Demolition, Boiler Cleaning, Inspections Services, and more.



We provide scaffold set-up & tear down services for your plant maintenance needs. Our knowledge base ensures that you receive safe and secure scaffolds


With our Brokk demolition robot, we can provide a variety of demolition services to accomplish your needs.

Boiler & Plant Maintenance

Small or large boilers, Demo Plus cleaning applications can get you back up in running during your scheduled outage or during an emergency situation.


Whether it be your kiln, dryer, boilers, thermo oxidizers, or an RTO, Demo Plus provides a thorough inspection to give you a clear and accurate picture of your equipment’s condition.

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Satisfied Clients

“Pope Douglas has used Demo Plus for roughly ten years now. They have basically replaced all the refractory in all three of our Garbage incinerators and boilers. Demo Plus is very knowledgeable when it comes to what refractory will work best for different applications. Demo Plus has helped our company out in some emergency situations over the years. Demo Plus has also done numerous insulation jobs for us over the years. Anything from covering steam pipes to covering full pieces of equipment. They do a fantastic job  I would highly recommend Demo Plus for your Refractory and insulation needs. I plan on using them for many more years to come.”

Karl F.

Plant Maintenance Manager

“Demo Plus has exceeded my expectations managing all our refractory repairs.  Their costs are very competitive, and they have always completed their work scope on time.”

Corey S.

Maintenance Manager

“The Perham Resource Recovery Facility has been utilizing the talented group from Demo Plus for many years now. Demo plus has worked with our staff by listening to our struggles and then coming up with very innovative ways of correcting those issues. From the top down they have a very enthusiastic staff that is very professional and efficient at what they do. I look forward to working with them for years to come. Would highly recommend Demo Plus.”


Plant Manager

“Demo Plus takes the time to build relationships and helps develop timely and credible plans to address challenges.  This is the type of company you want to work with.”

Matt Q.

Plant Manager


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